Does your wife Happy?

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Wife and His happiness


a husband (let's call him Bob) ask to me,
"Mr. Nas, I wonder why I did not immediately paid off debt?”

Faced with a question like this, I usually answer with him using science "law of projection", "Discipline of the word" or "tuning fork". But this time I want to use a different stance.

I asked, turning to her "Your wife is not happy with you?”

Asked different questions, he responded by confirming the question.
"Look sir Nas, I asked about the debt. I wonder why I did not immediately paid off debt?”

Again I asked, turning to her "yes… I asked you first… if your wife is happy with you?”

He was silent a long time. Then he replied "do not seem to Mr"

Then I said, " Alright… the answer… you can not pay off "debts" you know that your wife is not happy "

"Well weve nothing to do pack Nas?" ask him.

"Yeah sure" I replied. Then I explain the science of coral reefs.


"Where God entrusted to human sustenance?"It's a simple question, but many people do not know the answer.

While all the animals know where sustenance. Giraffes if asked, would reply in the treetops. Monkey will be answered in the banana tree. Fish will answer, dititip provision in coral reefs.

Uniquely, Different human answers. Not uniform like an animal answers. No one answered at the office, The project, The treasurer, everywhere and other answers that show we really do not know where our sustenance.

With long study, I conclude that the sustenance Allah dititip in "Glory and Happiness of Others".

Sustenance that we get is not because of our expertise, not because the working hours we devote. But rather that we venerate and make others happy. Then God gives rewards in the form of sustenance spilled as a result of the process.

If the giraffes keep the tree tops, monkey keep its banana tree, then any fish keep coral reefs in order to get the sustenance.

Uniquely, humans easily hurt the feelings of other humans. Why? Because it does not know the concept of "keeping the coral reef" This. That happened to Mr Blake. He focused on the job for a living, but not her Live the wife herself.


Mr Blake sighed. "Continue, What should I do pack Nas?”


"Well simple really, Just create a glorious and happy wife, because there lies the sustenance father "I replied.

"We're too busy working and being a robot, then assume with our activity that we get sustenance and able to pay our debts. Live the fact we are actually also those that are the cause of our sustenance.

Leader, subordinates, client, consumer, we jagaaa his right not to be offended. Why? Because if you hurt a little, they will punish us with the reduced part of our sustenance.

Leaders may fire us, passion fruit child will not work, clients and consumers will run, if we offended.

When he arrived at home… we easily hurt our wives. Sometimes a husband, we assume the wife must make her husband happy. We are the one king in the household and wrongfully we demand a lot of things with our wives. Dalil2 we use religion to exploit our wives. Everything about us and our egos as a husband.

The tip of it all, the wife is not happy. like a fish, when the coral reefs has been lost, manalah maybe she could get food. When wives-as those closest to us- not happy, Where possible we will get sustenance "

Mr Blake lowered his head and looked at me deeply…

"In fact… This is my contemplation as well Sir…"I said.

“Oh, Nas pack ever experienced?"Tanya pack Budi.

"Ya… so… I used also people who do not care about the happiness of wife. Too much embarrassment if I tell you… But, since I get a conclusion "keeping coral reef" This, I return all my logic in making ends meet.

I've stopped caring about my effort. I do not care how much a living that I can give to my wife. Because really it's just the impact of my attitude towards those most precious in my life. One of them, our wives.


Someday, there is a business motivator of America. Session I most awaited is the question about the secret of success. "What is the secret of success father?"Asked a questioner.

I've been waiting and guessing the answer is about the management point2, leadership, kedisipilan or teamwork.

The answer is unexpected. Holding his wife's hand tools, the motivator answered "Happy Wife, Happy Life”

It's not a secret that I'm looking forward. But fluently, motivator answered tactic logic that inspires my feelings, that happiness wife who will make life a happy husband.

Ah… I am ashamed of myself. Many people call me cute, but why these values ​​are instead inspired by the business motivator in the image of the country I no longer mensakralkan family values.

After that, I meditated many days, kalimat “happy wife, happy life "terngiang2 in mind and my soul. Finally steadily, I open my heart, willing to learn and apply the motto of the motivator to pursue my success.


Mr Blake was still in front of me. Still trying to digest the words coming out of my oral. Mr Blake is currently consulting, but in fact this is a conversation between two men who each glass.

It is not easy to reduce our ego as husband. But if it were to be paid for success, Why not? It has been too much we run our own ego, and as a result we no longer find a happy.


"But my wife hard pack Nas, sometimes grumpy are not clear, what I do like ga bener all in her eyes. If it were so, I yes… kebawa angry, "said Budi pack

"Yes let lah pack, wife sometimes we do have to vent anger. One thing that I finally understood… since we married our wives, he got angry ga quota endless… we must be prepared to have a broad heart to face.

For this, I was inspired by the story of the Prophet Muhammad.

Someday, Prophet is receiving guests. A moment later, No knock on the door and give you a bowl of soup. "Where did this soup?"Asked the Prophet answered from the other wife.

The answer was heard by Aisha in the kitchen is also preparing food for the noble Prophet. Unexpectedly, She came out and drove the soup bowl and fell on him and his guests.

If we become the Prophet, maybe we will get angry attitude, or at least give meaning to 'A'isha about the error actions.

But, He is an honorable Prophet. He just took a wash cloth soup spilled on his shirt and his guests and only told his guests, "I'm sorry your mother (Umm Believers)… he was jealous "

The right attitude born of the desire of keeping the wife happy. Ah… I hope we are able to follow the example of our noble Prophet.


Life husband and wife are like the ocean in endless excavated. One thing is for sure, we must be accounted consent-Qobul who had already spoken and witnessed by God.

Then we tied very strongly to God's law. "Itsnaani yu'ajjiluhumullahu fid dunya, huquuqul wa al-baghy walidayn "there are two sins which accelerated punishment by God in the world : do sewenang2 (Al-baghyu) organization and disobedience to parents.

Al-baghyu is greatest to their wives. Allah align, wife hurt the same as disobedience to parents.

We both sighed… not easy indeed become husband, and we must continue to learn. Hopefully with a new slogan : “Happy Wife, Happy Life”, we could get our happiness and success back.

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