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Business Starter for Young Children | From year to year, business development more rapidly, scope or coverage of the existing business more widely, even more detail. Of the retail business, to the side that was not previously could terfikir “dibisniskan” even now there. For example, cleaning services. The essence of today's business is easy and profitable business, something that could solve the problem, something that can make a job. With humans habits of today's increasingly busy, the more the cracks of life that can be entered. Business present a solution for the ease and solving problems, then the business as it will be readily accepted and not impossible for a great effort for the future are easy to reach.

merchandise, what it is selling? if different from the business? for us, it differs. The most fundamental thing is selling only bring active income, while the business is expected to generate passive income. The question, Why is it important passive income? Sales are very interesting, and become an instant source of income. But when we want to sales? Inevitably we have to build the system. Of selling itself we can build a simple system, eg distributot system, or the agency system, or reseller system. Let our resellers who sell our products, we only produce enough.

Such a system also uses the name “factor times”. While the use of sales “increasing factor”. Business system “factor times” going fast because its development is almost self-sufficient. We simply provide support behind the scenes, and once or twice appeared in front for branding.

Business Starter for Young Children : Easy and Profitable Business

What a great effort for the long term? There was seeking answers to these questions?All businesses have risk factors. But from each has a level of risk and control of risk factors different. like 2 the money, if deemed safe, it remains a risk factor. If deemed unsafe, sata has been a lot of business that ensures the well. To minimize the risk, could be facilitated by separating production and distribution lines. If we focus on production, we have to get up a distribution system that can be held autopilot or other person. or easier, we focus only on distribution, because the distribution channels is simpler than production.

The production line there are many components that influence, such as the availability of materials, production quality must be consistent, production quantity is consistent and continues to increase, continuity of production should be offset distribution, eligible employee payroll, and the licenses as licensing production, ingredients, and production.

Until this article was published, the number of SMEs in Indonesia that there are almost 60 million. The data from Kominfo website based on information from Kemenkop SMEs. that is to say, at least there 60 million producers are ready to be distributed products and it means a great effort for the future is not difficult. Wander around where we live, Sure there are SMEs that can help sell products. Help them research products, so that the quality of the product and its packaging to a maximum. Also do not forget we have the market research, because we will help distribution.

If we have a longterm business plan or a great pioneering efforts for the future, then make sure that the supply current production. This is a test when we have found a niche or market that is ready for pouring the product. When demand is high, while not matched by supply good products, then it will be a new problem for us as the seller. Later in another article we will tell about the products with high market demand and the quantity of production that is safe and easy and profitable business course.

Business Starter for Young Children : What Should the product for sale

Products that do not sell a product that is not sold. That's about expression, that all that we try to sell, God willing practice. How can know the behavior or if not sold? Research is necessary, but the final execution of the research is the implementation.

Trending products will be easily sold today, and rapid market uptake, but it will easily happen saturation. Unlike the case with solution-based products, promising solution of any problems faced by buyers. Prices started to follow, solution-based products have easy access pricing, no need to slam the price would be easily sold

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