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Pledge Syawalan In the Java Language | Syawalan a tradition of Indonesian citizens in Shawwal. The main value in real syawalan is the halal bi halal, or mutual forgiveness, legalize mutual mistake each other. For the Java community itself, a unique tradition that has always maintained annually, namely pledge syawalan.

Syawalan event which is always followed by many people this will not be possible to memngucapkan sorry to each other one by one, then pledge syawalan guided by the committee syawalan, and followed by all who attended this be the solution. For the Java community itself, there are many who defend the Pledge syawalan in the Java language. More or less following the Pledge Syawalan In the Java Language.

My overall, residents of Dusun <the name of the village>, And all that sat, at this place, the readiness of the heart, please give, ikrar halal bi halal.

Set first, to front, which coincides with the aging, And kasepuhaken, I thank, sungkem service. Here fellow-monk, I thank, salam ta'lim. Here are six coincides, I thank, love and prayers for blessing.

Set the second, I thank, Sugeng Riyadi Fitri Hijri xxxx, accompaniment programs, taqobbalallohu minna wa minkum, Who taqobbal cream, minal aidin, wal faidzin.

Set three times, I thank, all my sins, actions setindak, written saklimah, the unwanted, who still Kabat, who they are, not allowed to, Idining Sarak Agami, hopefully you all, please forgive, me.

Instead,, perhaps that you, I had the pleasure errors, tower location lilac, provide forgiveness, .From you, who do, me. Mugi-mugi Gusti Alloh, ngijabahi thank us. Aamiin.

Alhamdulillaahi rabbil a'lamin.

Similarly, in the Java language syawalan Pledge, may we always be able to preserve this noble Javanese culture, Do not forget to share ya..banyak know who took this pledge.. (^_^)

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