Fixing Access Point Unifi UAP LR bricked

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Fixing Access Point Unifi UAP LR bricked | Unifi is one of the products of Ubiquiti Networks highly reliable. Performance and toughness no doubt. Coupled with cloud configurations that make a lot of convenience for controlling and monitoring.

With all the conveniences of the, The AP does not mean much of a problem. One of the problems is when the firmware upgrade process. Sometimes, the upgrade process failed in the middle of the street and run into brick Unifi AP. If already in a state of this brick, we will not be able to make a connection to the AP, because the AP will not get the IP for failing to boot.

To Improve Access Point Unifi UAP the bricked LR, Unifi AP should go into TFTP mode (Indikator OFF – AMBER – GREEN)

Steps to Fix Access Point Unifi UAP LR bricked using Windows Operating System

  1. Before starting the recovery TFTP, download the firmware to the device by visiting the Download section Unifi found here. Navigate to the UAP is using the menu on the left.
  2. Once the correct firmware has been identified, download and store on your computer.
  3. Unplug the Ethernet cable from the UniFi AP.
  4. Using a paper clip, press and hold the reset button UniFi AP. Make sure you can feel pressured by paperclip. Do not release the button until step 6.
  5. While keeping the reset button remains pressed, replace the ethernet cable to the AP. Permanent press the reset button until you see the flashing LED device in Upgrade mode (Indikator OFF – AMBER – GREEN). It could take up to 25 second.
  6. You can release the reset button. Now the device is in transfer mode TFTP.
  7. Set a static IP on Your Computer NIC. static IP, subnet and gateway
  8. Replace the LAN cable PoE injector Unifi directly to your computer.
  9. This example uses the software Pumpkin TFTP, you can download here . Install and open the app. Click on “Put File”.
  10. In “Local Files”, find the firmware that you downloaded and saved earlier (in step 1).
  11. On “Remote host” enter the gateway that you specified earlier (, then click OK.
  12. At this point, file should start to be transferred. Firmware will be updated and the device will automatically reboot upon completion. Do not reboot itself.

So how to fix the access point Unifi UAP LR bricked, may be useful and help without having to carry an access point to the servicing of your Unifi.

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