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How to Install MySQL Percona 8 in CentOS 7

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How to Install MySQL Percona 8 in Centos 7

Percona Server for MySQL® is a free, fully compatible, enhanced and open source drop-in replacement for any MySQL database. It provides superior performance, scalability and instrumentation.

Percona Server for MySQL is trusted by thousands of enterprises to provide better performance and concurrency for their most demanding workloads, and delivers greater value to MySQL server users with optimized performance, greater performance scalability and availability, enhanced backups and increased visibility.

So essentially, yes. It is MySQL with some (very interesting) tweaks. You should use it when it solves a particular problem that you’re having. The list of differences are available at the product documentation page (linked above), but here’s a short list of what I believe are among the most compelling features:

– Improved Buffer Pool Scalability
– HandlerSocket included by default
– InnoDB Data Dictionary Size Limit
– Dynamic Row Format Memory Tables
– Extra slow query log statistics and configuration options

Follow these steps to Install MySQL Percona 8 in CentOS 7

Install Repo

Enable percona server 8.0 repo

Install percona server

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Start mysql Server

Find the temporary password and login to mysql

Run mysql_secure_installation

Change the password, answer “yes” every question

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